Final post

This is the final post I will make on this blog my new blog address is



Hot sweat running rivers down my red face, 

the water feels like ice as it slides down my skinny throat

The white material of my school top is sticking to my overheating body,

The clicking sound of my left knee is getting on my nerves.

The hot sweat is running rivers down my red face


Yum. Look at that bag. Full of the sticky sweet energy which could get me to the end. Its inches away. Dragging my arm through the air makes it feel like meters. Oh if the bag would just come to me.

The hard concrete presses against my feet. The pressure is building up. I don’t want to wait, I don’t want to think, I just want the lollies; the sticky sweet lollies.

Green, orange, pink, yellow, red. A rainbow of colours in my mind. The blurring, the whirling, the spinning sweets. My hand reached into the soft Candy Land.


Camp reflection

I learnt that some of the strange that we canoed down were used as places to kill people from other tribes. I think that this is sad. We are lucky that we don’t live in a world like that.

Over the camp I also learnt that it must’ve been hard for the people who had to use the river like a highway. I got tired doing quite casual padding. Paddling every day with a load of goods that you are trying to get from one place to your farm must’ve been very hard.

Another thing that I learnt is that the weather is a very special place, people respected and treasure heaps of the history that they now is how they now towel to groups and tourists travelling through.

On this camp I learnt that what I put my mind to I can achieve, even If I have doubts. I couldn’t give up and that was something that really helped me and challenge me to continue and finish off what I had started.

Another thing I learnt is that when I get tired I get grumpy and become agitated at people. When I’m tired I really need to work on how I talk to people and why I talk to them like that.

I  learnt that together as a class we can all bond together and have an amazing time, even if we are paddling along way. We all kept each other going which was very helpful because all though I could have killed Gemma for her extremely annoying songs that kind of kept us all going.

The biggest challenge I faced  on camp was going over the rappids. I didn’t really overcome the fear of that, towards the end I just shut my eyes and got over it. Now I don’t think I’m ever going to go over a rapid again. The thought of tipping out scared me very much.

On camp I enjoyed the chance to get to know new people and for the first time ever have both my parents come on a camp with me. ( I won’t he doing that againπŸ˜ƒ)

At the beginning of camp I was really nervous about being on the water In a canoe that I have never experienced driving before. Each morning when I woke up I was scared for the day would bring, as the day went on I would slowly get more confident but I always felt a sense of relief when I saw the doc signs.

Two boys riding a carouselΒ 

Two boys are caught riding a carousel. They are in the wrong. What would you, being their parents do about it. 

If it was me, I wouldn’t go to the high court. They did the wrong thing while in school care so it should be up to the school to deal with the students how they feel fit.

Maadi cup was well in there sights. By being stupard and messing about it is there fault that the school didn’t want to allow them to compete, but why would the parents not except that. It’s pretty sad that those two boys are still aloud to compete In the cup.

Parents  are there to protect their children, but is there a right way to do that. Personally I don’t think going to the High Court is the right way.πŸ˜ƒ

Passion Β πŸ’

Something I am passionate about is cars. Mainly rally cars but I really like going to race meetings at some race track where they race kind of old cars. My favourite rally car driver is Emma Gilmour. She races a four door Suzuki Swift. The number plate on it is MMMMMS. That  is a rather new number plate though her old number plate used to be  GMP107. Something that is strange though is that Emma Gilmour didn’t always race cars against  the clock, she used to be interested in horses. I have seen Emma race  once in real life, well actually it was three times. ( different stages same rally.) but have seen her on t.v many times. In 2012 Emma decided to give rallying and go overseas and compete in rally X. Now she is back and will be competing in the rally of Whangirai next month.

πŸ’I haven’t finished this post but I will to night.